Spotlight on SmartStrand by Mohawk

Do you crave comfortable carpeting but worry about your spill-prone family and messy pets spoiling the look? If so, then SmartStrand by Mohawk may be the carpet you’ve been dreaming of. This carpet provides the lush feel of quality carpet with unbeatable stain resistance, so you can have it all without banning your family from your carpeted spaces. Here is a closer look at this revolutionary style of carpet from Mohawk.

What is SmartStrand?

Most carpet is made out of nylon. Those strands have dye sites but no core protection, which allows every spill to seep into the dye sites and stain. That is why when a spill happens on traditional carpet, it is difficult to completely remove the stain and you usually still see a hint of where it occurred, even if some of the worst of it comes out. SmartStrand carpet fibers don’t have dye sites. When a spill occurs, it sits on the outside of the strands, so that it can be easily be cleaned. Similarly, SmartStrand fibers don’t absorb liquids, so you don’t have to worry about lingering odors. Nylon carpet can absorb 5% of its weight in liquid, making it a trap for both stains and smells.

Is SmartStrand comfortable?

Giving up nylon carpet doesn’t mean giving up softness. With SmartStrand, you get 700 silk-like fibers in each carpet strand, so that it feels luxuriously soft. The tightly packed strands also last up to three times as long as nylon carpet without any decline in appearance.

Is SmartStrand safe for families and pets?

Mohawk is committed to safety and does not use harmful substances to manufacture carpets. The fibers used in SmartStrand are OEKO-TEX Standard 100 certified to be free of harmful substances, so you can install it in your home with confidence.

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