Should You Rip up or Cover up Your Old Flooring?

If you feel like your current flooring no longer represents your taste, then it might be time to make a change. You can choose to pull out your original flooring or cover it up with your new design, but each has its pros and cons. Continue reading and find out if you should rip up or cover up your old flooring.

Tearing It Up

If you’re planning on taking out your old flooring so you can lay down something completely new, make sure you’re meticulous about the process. In a lot of cases you can salvage your original flooring, so don’t damage anything while you rip the old floor up. In other cases, you might not be so concerned, so you can feel free to tear up your original flooring with less caution, as long as you don’t damage anything else.

Covering Up the Old

You don’t always need to get rid of the old flooring before you install something new. Sometimes you can just leave your old flooring as it is and put another layer on top. Keep in mind that this may slightly raise the level of your floor. If everything is done right, however, you’ll end up with a completely new floor that doesn’t show any traces of the old one.

Making a Decision

Whether you should rip up or cover up your flooring depends on how much effort or money you can spare. It’ll take more time to get rid of your old tiles and replace them, and it’ll take money to have someone else do the job. Don’t have your tiles ripped up if you don’t know what’s underneath them.

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