How to Protect Carpeting in Different Rooms

Carpeting is not a one size fits all investment, and there are quite a few things to think about when you choose yours. Even the area in your house where you install the carpet should play a role in the type of carpeting you choose and the protective factors you put into place. Continue reading and learn how to protect carpeting in different rooms.

The Office

The two most integral parts of a home office are the desk and the chair. Both of these pieces of furniture can damage your carpeting, but this doesn’t have to be the case. Use a plastic mat under your desk chair and cushions under the legs of your desk to lessen the wear and the tear on your carpeting to make it last longer.

Doorways and Hallways

The area of the home that gets the most foot traffic should have the most protection, regardless of what kind of flooring you have. The entryways to your home should be of the utmost concern, because people will typically walk in with their shoes on and track dirt and mud into the house. You should also think about your hallways, because even if you have people take their shoes off when they come inside, these pathways get a lot of traffic. Choose strong, durable carpeting for these kinds of areas, and consider area rugs to ease the burden.

Living Rooms

It’s tough to protect your living room carpet when you have kids or pets, unless you set down some ground rules. Banning foods and drinks from the living room and keeping pets off your nice new carpeting can help preserve its lifespan.


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