How Long Can Hardwood Floors Last?

Hardwood flooring is known to last for a long time, and it can last even longer if you know how to take care of it. You can start by understanding different kinds of wood and how they hold up over the years. Think about where you’re laying down your floors and how you can maintain them, and make sure you nail the installation process. Read on for some factors that affect how long hardwood floors can last.


Type of Wood

The first step in choosing flooring is deciding what type you want. If you’re interested in a natural look that goes well with anything, then you may be enticed by hardwood flooring. Once you’ve determined that hardwood is the way to go, you’ll need to choose the type. Harder species of wood will last longer, but they’ll be rougher underfoot. The opposite goes for softer woods. The Janka hardness describes the hardness of each species, and it ranges from balsa at the bottom to Australian buloke at the top.

Space and Maintenance

New hardwood flooring can make a wonderful addition to the home or commercial space, but think carefully about where you want to put it. Wood and water don’t mix well together, as moisture can warp your floorboards and create mold problems. Avoid these types of issues by installing your hardwood floor in an area that isn’t too prone to moisture. You can also make your investment last by sweeping and vacuuming your floor on a regular basis.

Installation Process

The way your floor is installed will affect how long it lasts. Don’t cut corners when having your hardwood flooring installed. Check out your local flooring professionals and choose one that does quality work and stands by it.


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