Learn More About Carpets and Stairs

Your flooring is about more than just your interior design. The right kind of flooring also keeps you safe and is easy to maintain. Carpet is a common flooring choice for many different areas in the house, but the stairs stand out in particular. Read on and learn more about carpets and stairs.

Why Carpets Are Good for Stairs

Carpets and stairs work well together on many levels. A carpet will protect your stairs from wearing out under normal use, so your staircase will retain its aesthetic charm over the long haul. This type of flooring can also be attractive and add another layer of cosmetic appeal to an already beautiful staircase. On a functional level, carpeting makes your home safer. Kids and pets won’t be as likely to trip or slip while on the stairs, so in this way carpeting helps prevent injuries in addition to making your space look better.

How to Maintain Yours

Although carpeting is durable and attractive, you need to maintain it to keep it that way. It’s a little more difficult to clean a spilled glass of wine off a carpet than it is off of a hardwood or tile floor, so make sure you address spills and stains as soon as possible. Vacuum your carpeted stairs frequently to do away with dust, dander, and spores and keep your indoor air quality up.

Types of Carpets to Choose From

Carpets come in different textures, designs, and styles, so know what you’re looking for. Think about the cut of the fabric and decide what you want your stairs to look like as well as feel like under your feet.


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