Laminate vs. Hardwood: Which Kind of Flooring Is Right for Your Home?

When you’re selecting flooring, you’re likely to face a tough decision between laminate and hardwood flooring. Both options have pros and cons, and the right one for you depends on many different factors. These facts about flooring will help you make up your mind.


In terms of price, laminate is the clear winner. Laminate flooring is dramatically less expensive than hardwood—in fact, even if you include the installation cost, laminate can be half the price. If budget is one of the main factors in your decision-making process, then laminate is the right choice. However, price isn’t the main consideration for everyone, and there may be qualities about hardwood flooring that make it worth the additional expense to you. Keep in mind when you’re weighing pricing that hardwood flooring adds more value to your home.


Hardwood flooring is vulnerable to scratching and moisture damage, and it will also show its age over time. In high traffic areas, hardwood flooring may not be up to the challenge. Laminate flooring resists scratching, wear and tear, and moisture damage, so it can easily be used in any part of the home. Although hardwood is more prone to damage, a factor to keep in mind is that it can also be easily repaired through sanding and refinishing. Laminate flooring is very difficult to repair, and often, repaired areas of laminate flooring don’t match the surrounding floor.


It’s hard to replicate the beauty of hardwood flooring. The reason that hardwood flooring adds value is its attractiveness in nearly any home. Laminate flooring can vary. Inexpensive laminate flooring may not give you the look you want, but other kinds of laminate flooring can look beautiful and mimic the appearance of wood.

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