Keeping Berber Carpet Clean

Berber carpets look beautiful, but they are one of the most challenging carpets to keep clean. The reason for this is that the loops in the carpet trap the dirt beneath them, making them tricky to vacuum. Fortunately, with a few simple steps, you can keep your Berber carpet looking as good as the day you got it. Follow these steps to clean your Berber carpet.

Use Throw Rugs to Catch Dirt

Keeping as much dirt and debris off your Berber carpet as possible will make it that much easier to clean. Use a throw rug in your doorway or at any entryway that involves a transit to your Berber carpet. The throw rug will capture some of the dirt from the bottoms of shoes so that less of it ends up on the carpet. Of course, you can also ban shoes on the carpet, which will further reduce the dirt that gets into it. Many people also find it helpful to restrict food and drinks in rooms that have Berber carpet, since spills can be challenging to clean.

Choose the Right Vacuum

To be effective on a Berber carpet, a vacuum will need a high level of suction. Do not use a vacuum that has a beater bar, since it can snag, tear, or shred the loops of your carpet. Instead, opt for a suction-only vacuum, and use slow and steady strokes. Dragging the vacuum roughly over the surface of the carpet can cause damage.

Steam Clean Regularly

Blot stains as they occur to avoid major discolorations on your carpet, but to really keep it looking its best, you should steam clean it. Berber carpet should be steam cleaned at least once a year but preferably every six months. Steam cleaning will remove trapped dirt, but be sure to thoroughly suction the water out during the cleaning process, or the bottom layer of the carpet will develop mildew.

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