Which Hardwood Specie Is Right for Your New Floors?

There are several types of hardwood floor species to match any home and preference. Determining the right specie for your new floors should involve a close look at your family’s lifestyle and the type of feeling you want every time you step in the room. Let’s look at different hardwood species for your new floors.

You have a busy household.

If your home experiences a lot of foot traffic—from pets, kids, and busy schedules—then you will want a hardwood specie that can handle the expected dings, scratches, and dents. There are several hard and durable hardwood species, such as hickory and Brazilian cherry. Choosing the right hardwood specie for a busy household will depend upon your personal preference for color and how much wear and tear you anticipate.

You have a quiet household.

If you lead a quiet lifestyle, with no pets or children in your home, then you have many more flooring options. You can choose hard hardwoods, such as beech or ash, but you also have the choice of walnut or American cherry. These are softer hardwoods that may more readily scratch or dent, but a home with light foot traffic may not incur these types of damages.

You prefer visually open rooms.

To visually open a room you must decorate in light colors. If you want your living room or bedrooms to appear wider and more open, then you will want a light-colored hardwood specie, such as ash, maple, or birch. However, these flooring species must be well-cared-for to ensure they do not discolor or fade.

You prefer warm-looking rooms.

Hardwood species like hickory and oak are darker and give a room more warmth and depth. Even darker species, such as walnut and mahogany, bring a level of sophistication and refinement to a room. Consider the feeling you want in each room to help determine which hardwood specie and color to choose.

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